BioTech IT Services

BioTech IT Services

IT Startups for BioTech Companies

Janus Networks specializes in providing IT infrastructure to meet the unique needs of the biotech industry. We understand the security and reliability required for success in this field. With the tools and best practices to keep you running, we worry about your IT infrastructure so you can focus on changing the world.

Every aspect of your biotech company depends on IT—from your lab to your executive offices. Strong IT infrastructure ensures your research won’t stop for anything, and your work will be protected from digital threats. Starting off with well-planned IT services from Janus Networks, ensures you’ll spend less, and get more from your investment in the formative years of your company.

BioTech IT Services
BioTech IT Services
Janus Networks will help you create a biotech-supportive IT infrastructure that is…


Reliability is the most important quality for any IT setup. A system that is constantly going offline or malfunctioning costs you time, money, and energy. Your technology needs to be there for you every day, regardless of the circumstances.

Janus Networks makes sure your system is properly installed and maintained, to run at peak performance no matter what your company demands of it. We ensure you have compatible equipment and a carefully calibrated network to avoid common IT disasters and those specific to biotech tasks.


When you need to access data at a different lab or make an important presentation across the country, you will need to access parts of your IT system remotely. Janus Networks makes sure that any system you have installed includes comprehensive and flexible options for remote access. You shouldn’t have to wait until you get back to the office to reference research or access a crucial program. Our cloud storage solutions make it easy for you to access your data anywhere, any time.


No matter the size, every biotech startup faces security threats. Janus Networks develop the right mix of protections to guard your work from internal and external attacks on data. We help you develop infrastructure with comprehensive anti-virus protection, strong firewalls, and administrative controls. As your IT service provider, we can set up an effective safety net and respond to new threats when they appear. Best of all, your system is in trusted hands.
BioTech IT Services


Having a responsive support network in place is one of the most important things to plan for your company. When systems break down, need updates, or are ready to expansion, Janus Networks’ team of experts complete the job quickly and effectively. Our support staff runs on your schedule, available whenever you may need them.

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